Baconsale Episode 35: Ranks-giving!

Oh there’s no place like Baconsale for the holidays. And since we like to rank things (and tick off The Listener), we have decided to rank our top 10 holidays of the year. Can Kent find something he cares about? Does Joel find the true meaning of Christmas? Does Jacob only know how to celebrate national holidays by blowing stuff up? Listen and let us know if you agree with Joel’s list, with Kent’s list or if we’re wrong altogether. If you don’t like it, you can make like Arbor Day and leave.

16 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 35: Ranks-giving!

      1. In that case, since you obviously bestow the title “The Listener” on everyone, and I’m not sure if I am the Fact Checker or the Naysayer or whatever, I hope that if you ever feel the need to refer to me in the podcast, I be referred to as the Blog Commenter.


  1. It’s funny that in your Top 10 list you describe your #10 in terms of what you don’t like about it, rather than what you do like about it. I guess that is just Kent’s dark character, always looking at the negative.


  2. I can get why the cultural/secular celebration of Easter is #10. As for religious Holy Days as opposed to Holidays Easter should be #1, but in terms of candy, celebratory traditions, there are way better holidays.


  3. I don’t like that Lincoln and Washington were forced to share a day, not just with each other, but with every other bad to mediocre to good to great president. At the very least it could be called Washington Lincoln Day, instead of PResident’s Day.

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  4. What was that PSA – “the more you know” thing all about. Irish McIrishson. Speaking of Irish culture. Have you guys watched the Hulu Series Moone Boy? One of my favorites.


  5. Me llamo is “I call myself…” and Me llama is “he/she/it calls me…” there is nothing masucline or feminine about it. I think you are thinking of muchacho vs muchacha which is boy and girl respectively.


  6. Because I know you all are totally interested in my opinions, here is my list:
    10 – 4Way tie between Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day, and President’s Day – Because of the three day weekends or days off work. If i have to rank these it would be Memorial Day – for the sacrifice of soldiers, Veteran’s Day – because I get free meals at restaurants, President’s Day – Focusing on Washington and Lincoln’s great presidencies, Columbus Day – I don’t care what other’s say about European Imperialism or Leif Erikson Columbus was an important fulcrum in world history, everything changed because of him. Sorry Labor Day you don’t make the cut because of your communist roots.
    9 – St. Patrick’s Day – I am with you guy’s I love corned beef and cabbage. So much so that after spending 2 years in Portugal I requested Corned Beef and Cabbage as my first meal when I came home.
    8 – April Fool’s Day – It’s fun to play pranks. I am surprised that this isn’t higher on Joel’s list, it just seems like his kind of holiday.
    7 – Valentine’s Day – I like the romance and the chance to wine and dine – or I should say Martinelli’s and Dine my wife. We have our own tradition that we have developed when we figured out that we can actually make better meals ourselves at home, so after we put the kids to bed I prepare a late gourmet dinner for my wife and then we have dessert of this amazing homemade chocolate mousse that my wife made earlier in the day – she only makes it on Valentine’s Day because it is so labor intensive, but there is usually leftover so we have it for a couple days afterward.
    6 – New Year’s Eve/Day – This was especially awesome in TX where there are no fireworks restrictions on this day. Everyone has fireworks and when you go outside it is like a war zone with fireworks blowing up everywhere in the neighborhood. You don’t have to go anywhere to see the fireworks because everyone is blowing them up and it goes on for at least an hour. So awesome. But even in other places I have lived and growing up in AZ, I love the traditions of staying up late, playing games, watching movies and banging pots and pans.
    5 – 4th of July – FIREWORKS and BBQ. Both awesome. Pools, squirt guns, watermelon, and grilled meats combine to make this holiday great. Growing up our house backed a golf course and they would launch fireworks over it because it was a large green space in Phoenix AZ, so we never had to go anywhere, just out to the fairway and watch the fireworks, and sometimes we got so close we literally had to dodge falling firework debris. AWESOME!
    4 – Easter – For the holiday it is number four, but for the HOLY DAY it is #1. It stinks that we don’t get a day off for Easter, but I love the candy and the egg hunts. And as a kid I believed in the Easter Bunny longer because we got small boxes of sugared cereal in our baskets and I knew that my dentist/dad would never get us sugar cereal. I also liked that my mom put an artichoke in each of our baskets and eating them was the best part of Easter dinner. As a kid it is fun to pull the leaves off and dip them in melted butter. MMMMMmmm.
    3 – Halloween – I’m not into the horror movies, but I love dressing up, handing out candy and getting candy. I like carving Jack-O-Lanterns and going to school carnivals. My favorite candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are made for halloween since the packaging is orange. So much fun and a great kick off to fall.
    2 – Thanksgiving – My birthday lands on Thanksgiving every few years, so it is extra special to me as I also get presents on this Holiday which most people do not. I also like the message of giving thanks and caring for those in need that this holiday brings in preparation for Christmas. I like the 4-day weekend. And not only do I love eating, but I also really love cooking, I’m not even a big pie fan, I like it, but I like cooking the feast. And then playing board games all weekend.
    1 – Christmas – Easily #1. I’m with Kent in that I despise Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, but I do like kicking off Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Putting up the Christmas tree and Christmas lights is a great way to just spend the rest of the weekend at home. And the celebration of Christmas continues throughout the month. I love the uplifting and fun movies, the candy, the decorations everywhere. Gift giving and family traditions. Santa would wrap our presents – and my mom says that was because of me. When I was 3 years old, I came out and looked at my pile of presents and just cried because someone had already unwrapped my presents. So, from then on, Santa always wrapped them, but he never wrote our names because my mom, as a kid, figured out that Santa had the same handwriting as her mom. Instead, Santa puts a toy or ornament or symbol in each of our stockings, and that item corresponds to a unique wrapping paper that is used on our presents. Again, the baking and cooking and food comes in like Thanksgiving, but since Christmas also involves gifts it wins.
    4 –


    1. The truth is I don’t really like April Fool’s Day. I like jokes, but I’m not as big of a fan of pranks.
      Great list, Drew!


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