Baconsale Episode 34: Tournament of Villains (Part 2)

It’s time to decide which bad guy will be left standing after the dust settles in our Tournament of Villains! In this episode, we finish what we started as we plow through three rounds of match-ups. You’ll hear us debate The Joker vs. Lex Luthor, Magneto vs. Galactus and Darth Vader vs. Dark Helmet. And, if you listen very closely, you might hear the moment when Kent gets slightly agitated at one of the decisions. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

Plus, just like last time, you can print off your own bracket below and play along with us at home!

Baconsale Villains Bracket – Part 2

8 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 34: Tournament of Villains (Part 2)

  1. Whether or not I am “the Listener” I like your podcasts long, but not too long cuz I like to listen it on my lunch break.

    ROUND 2
    Voldemort v. Saruman – I am going to have to go with Voldemorte on this one. You have to go with pre-death Voldemorte before the Horcruxes were destroyed. He has killed a lot.
    Catwoman v. Borg Queen – Mystique should have won, and she would have won this one. But Borg Queen would win against Catwoman. An army of cats vs an army of borg. Borg wins.
    Xenomorph v. Winter Soldier – The facehugger is the second stage in the life cycle of a Xenomorph that implants a xenomorph embryo into a host. But I am going to go with Bucky, humans always win.
    Skeletor v. Darkseid – Skeletor is a sorcerer who can control the minds of his underlings, wouldn’t that give him an edge over someone whose willpower is easily swayed? Oh well, Darkseid sounds pretty cool.
    Dr. Doom v. Poison Ivy – Dr. Doom. He is stronger and has more education than Poison Ivy.
    Daleks v. Loki – Loki. He can make mutiple images of himself to confuse the Daleks and then use a lot of other incredible magic to destroy them.
    Darth Vader v. Dark Helmet – Vader. Easy. James Earl Jones beats Rick Moranis. Rick Moranis beats Hayden.
    Magneto v. Galactus – Hasn’t Galactus been in the Thor movies? Or is that someone else? Magneto wins though.
    Lex Luthor v. The Joker – Lex Luthor. Chaos doesn’t always win over order. Unless you can point to Joker planting a bomb in Batman’s costume, you have no evidence that Joker could get a bomb into Lex’s mech suit. Of course, there is this: But I don’t understand how Joker a mere mortal with no armor can survive some of the stuff the lex throws at him.
    Moriarty v. Ra’s Al Ghul – Ra’s Al Guhl.
    Megatron v. T-1000 – T-1000. Again, T-1000 liquifies and goes in and destroys Megatron internally.
    Goldfinger v. The Penguin – Penguin.
    General Zod v. Green Goblin – General Zod. No question.
    Balrog v. Agent Smith – This fight has to take place in the Matrix. Agent Smith is also the Elf King. He is not only an imortal elf, but also software that can control the environment, and the Balrog is not intelligent enough to be able to hack the software.
    Apocalypse v. Bane – Apocalypse can easily take over Bane telepathically.
    Predator v. Thanos – Predator.

    ROUND 3
    Voldemort v. Borg Queen – Voldemort.
    Winter Soldier v. Darkseid – Darkseid.
    Dr. Doom v. Loki – Loki. You got this one wrong. Loki should have one.
    Vader v. Magneto – Maybe Vader’s armor and light saber are made out of a non-metalic substance. But if it is metal then Magneto wins.
    Ra’s Al Ghul v. Luthor – Ra’s Al Ghul. In the Arrow TV series they say Ra’s (rhymes with Pause).
    T-1000 v. The Penguin – T-1000.
    Zod v. Smith – Zod is smart enough to hack the software of the Matrix and beat the Smith.
    Apocalypse v. Predator – Apocalypse.

    ROUND 4
    Voldemort v. Darkseid – Darkseid.
    Dr. Doom v. Magneto – Magneto. Again, Loki should have beat Doom and then Loki would have beat Magneto.
    Ra’s Al Ghul v. T-1000 – Ra’s Al Ghul.
    Zod v. Apocalypse – Zod. Apocalypse requires his armor to keep his powers controlled. If he doesn’t have his armor then his power consumes himself. Zod could remove that armor.

    ROUND 5
    Darkseid v. Magneto – Darkseid.
    Ra’s Al Ghul v. Zod – Zod.

    ROUND 6
    Dark Seid v. Zod – Zod. Zod.


      1. Yeah, I didn’t have too many strong opinions about the villains, especially after round one. I still think Dementors should have won against Daleks, and Lotsa agains Dark Helmet, but neither Dementors or Lotsa could have won the whole thing so it doesn’t change much.


  2. I noticed some audio cuts in this one. I can’t imagine how much longer it could have been especially with all the agreeing going on. It was like a little love fest, except for the whole joker vs lex spat.


    1. it’s rare for us to cut out actual talking points. Sometimes the audio cuts happen when external noise interferes with the show, or if we have to pause recording for one reason or another. However, we try and keep the cuts to a minimum to keep it real, yo.


      1. I can’t blame him. But to be fair, the Joker is my all time favorite villain, so I’m probably not being as objective as I should be.


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