Baconsale Episode 33: Tournament of Villains (Part 1)

Heroes get all the glory, it’s time for the villains to have some fun. In this episode, we pit the baddest of the bad guys against each other in a fight to the death (a la The Hunger Games) to see who comes out on top. When Kent and Joel agree (which does happen on occasion), the victorious villain automatically advances to the next round. Should they disagree, it’s up to Jacob to decide who made the best argument.

Part 1 includes such epic battles as Poison Ivy vs. The Shredder, T-1000 vs. Ultron and Darth Maul vs. the Balrog.

Plus, you can print off your own bracket below and play along with friends and family at home!

Baconsale Villains Bracket – Round 1

7 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 33: Tournament of Villains (Part 1)

  1. White Walkers v. Sarumon – Sarumon because I don’t really know much about the White Walkers.
    Catwoman v. Mystique – Mystique because reasons. Also, Mystique held her own against Wolverine!!! so, definitely Mystique.
    Wicked Witch v. Borg Queen – Borg Queen. Resistance is futile, the Wicked Witch will assimilate. Water kills the Wicked Witch.
    Winter Soldier v. Bobba Fett – Winter Soldier has super strength, whereas Bobba Fett is still a regular person with a jet pack.
    Sabretooth v. Skeletor – Skeletor you convinced me.
    Shredder v. Poison Ivy – Poison Ivy.
    Daleks v. Dementors – Dementors, they can pull out the soul of the Dalek. The lasers would go right through the Dementors. THey can only be dispelled with Happiness of a Patronus and as you said, Daleks have no happiness.
    Lotso Huggin v. Dark Helmet – Lotso. It’s tough to kill a toy. Plus couldn’t Lotso get other toys to help him ? After being played with like these toys are, they would be happy to help Lotso take out Dak Helmet. And even if lotso got torn in half, each half could keep fighting.
    Punisher v. Magneto – Magneto. Magneto is also fearless about killing regular humans. Since the Punisher is not a mutant, Magneto wouldn’t even play around with the Punisher, he’d just kill him.
    Joker v. Kingpin – Joker. Joker is a chaotic genius.
    Moriarty v. Riddler – If it’s BBC Sherlock Moriarty then definitely Moriarty. If it’s original Conan Doyle Moriarty then Riddler.
    Ra’s Al Ghul v. Red Skull – Ra’s Al Ghul. Once you say that he’s immortal, can he lose in one of these battles? Can you win a battle if you merely capture you’re opponent?
    Ultron v. T-1000 – T-1000. As liquid metal he would seep into the internal workings of Ultron and cut all the wires and bolts.
    Goldfinger v. Dr. Evil – Goldfinger.
    Green Goblin v. Scarecrow – Green Goblin. Flying vs regular guy with gas. Unless Scarecrow has some sort of projectile laser delivery version of his gas, he loses.
    Darth Maul v. Balrog – Fact Check: It is actually unclear as to whether Balrog has wings. In the first discription of Balrog the wings were a metaphorical discription, but later it says he spread his wings. However, regardless, there is no evidence that his wings are usable, in fact, in both instnaces that a Balrog is defeated the fight is ended by the Balrog being thrown from a high place. Therefore, I think that Darth Maul would use the force and push Balrog from a high place and WINNNNN!!!
    Bane v. Gollum – Bane. Gollum is weak. Unless Bane has the ring, Gollum has no motivation to kill Bane.
    President Snow v. Predator – Predator. GOOD JOB!!! You got this one right!!! You guys are so awesome!


      1. Great minds think alike, and sometimes you guys convinced me. I still can’t believe Ultron beat T-1000, and Daleks! No way can they beat dementors. I did a little more research, turns out squibs and muggles cannot see Dementors. Since Daleks are non-magical beings, they are most certainly muggles, therefore unable to see the Dementors. You can’t kill what you cannot see.


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