Baconsale Episode 32: Bed, Bond and Beyond

Let the sky fall! It’s time for a new Bond-themed episode of Baconsale. In this episode, Kent, Joel and Jacob discuss how Daniel Craig seems to be handling the current Bond franchise, and why the role of 007 hasn’t seemed to give Craig his very own quantum of solace. We also place our bets at the Casino Royale regarding who could be the next James Bond, and pitch our ideas for a future Bond movie, when the spectre of Craig has faded.

For you, the listener, we have to risk it all — ’cause the writing’s on the waaaaaaaaaaall!

One thought on “Baconsale Episode 32: Bed, Bond and Beyond

  1. Good show guys. My suggestions: I like Elba but do not like Cumberbatch.

    I do like the Acadamy of Bonds pitch. I think you mentioned the pitch during the Bond v. Bourne episode.

    Joel’s pitch is horrible! Can I have the Doctor come and take me back in time 5 minutes and stop me from listening to that pitch.


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