BaconBit: Spectre Review

Good evening, Mr. Bond. Welcome to the BaconBit. What’s a BaconBit, you ask? It’s like our regular show, but much shorter. In this mini-episode, we give our review of Spectre, the new James Bond film. Don’t worry, the first 10 minutes are spoiler-free. However, after that, I’m afraid you’ll find our conversation to be much more. . .open.

Now that we’ve introduced the BaconBit, Mr. Bond, you’ve probably guessed our next step: WORLD DOMINATION! And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

6 thoughts on “BaconBit: Spectre Review

  1. At age 21, Bianchi was the youngest actress to play a Bond girl until Allison Doody played Jenny Flex at age 18 in A View to a Kill. Bianchi remains the youngest actress to play a “leading” Bond girl.

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  2. I’m with Joel. I liked this Bond. It’s weaknesses are present in all the Bonds. The weaknesses are bond. I liked that the car’s ammunition isn’t loaded.

    How did he survive the “explosion”? If you look in the background as Bond takes off in the helicopter you will see a couple SUVs driving out of the facility.

    Why was there a net? Because there there was a big hole in the middle of the building and when workers are rigging the building for demolition they need a safety net so that rubble doesn’t fall on their heads or if they fall they don’t get hurt. It is an OSHA approved safety net. Of course not OSHA but whatever OSHA’s counterpart in England is.

    I loved the wide variety of exotic locations. Even the most unbelievable scene – the car chase down the mountain, was so amazingly Bond. I don’t see Bond movies to see Jason Bourne or Fast and the Furious car chases. I see Bond movies to see Bond-isms. Like the formal wear for dinner on the train? Who brings formal wear to catch a bad guy in the middle of nowhere? But that is Bond. I like that we get an explanation for how is tux looks wrinkle free – he tells the bellman on the train to press it for him.

    And Lea Seydoux is hot. Great Bond girl!


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