Baconsale Episode 26: End of 2015 Movie Preview

Now that 2015 is winding down to a close, Baconsale wants to make sure that you know what movies you should see (besides Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens). Joel, Kent and Jacob discuss what films they are excited for (aside from Star Wars 7) and surprise each other with their choices (except for The Force Awakens, we all knew that was coming). Let us prepare you for the fall/winter/end of 2015 (and Star Wars), Baconsale-style!

WARNING! Kent says a naughty word in this episode! We’re not going to repeat it here, but it’s part the title of a Quentin Tarantino movie that rhymes with “Dinglourious Dasterds.”

5 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 26: End of 2015 Movie Preview

  1. Please don’t talk about last week’s episode again. No need to do it again.

    I HATE Kent being positive. It sucks.

    Fastest growing podcast!

    Since the first day of winter is December 22nd, most of December is actually technically “Fall”, so it’s easier to lump all of December as Fall.

    No, summer movies did not turn out well.

    You’ll probably find Masterminds on Netflix before theaters. Similar thing happened to a great flick on Netflix – Odd Thomas. I’m sad that wasn’t in theaters and that we won’t see any sequels.

    I haven’t seen any of those summer movies. I do want to see Mad Max, but the little lady doesn’t so I have not had a chance yet.

    I have heard good things about Mr. Holmes.

    Mission Impossible was great! Big fan. I actually think that if Ethan Hunt wants to retire from spying (yeah right) Ilsa Faust would be a good heir to pass his legacy onto. Except she needs to learn more fighting moves than getting on the guy’s shoulders.

    CRAMPUS- What the heck is Crampus? I just looked it up, and find I am misspelling it, but I don’t care enough to fix it. I bet there is a fly in it.

    The Revenant – Yeah, the preview was stupid. Not really interested in it.

    Hunger Games – Nothing happened in the book, so they didn’t have much to work with in the movie.

    Creed – So far you guys are not selling me on any of the fall movies yet. Just like you failed me on Dr. Who. I kid, I kid.

    Crimson Peak – Another Fly Movie! Did Doug Jones play Groot?

    Spectre – Finally one from your lists that I will actually see.

    Speaking of Point Break – Was the first Point Break such a wonderful movie that they had to remake it?

    Did you see Paranormal Miami: Jamaican Heat?

    The Hateful 8 – Post Civil War Wyoming? I get they are telling us that it takes place soon after the civil war, but was Wyoming even involved in the civil war? It’s almost like saying post-civil war Canada – it makes no sense.

    Please don’t do Tarantino. I am an outlier too.

    Star Wars would be #1 regardless of the director. It’s like being a bond fan. It doesn’t matter what happened or how horrible the most recent movie was, you still look forward to and will pay money to see the next one. I’m with Joel – I hate watching too many trailers.

    Go Brooklyn 9-9!!! Love that show!

    I can’t believe the Martian is not on your list. The Martian is a great book. But glad it got an honorable mention.

    I’m with you, I hope Hunger Games changes the ending. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the ending. Hollywoodize it please! I never hope that movies change the books, except with this one.

    Hayden Christensen – 90 Minutes in Heaven

    So, now here are my 5 –

    The Suffragette
    The Martian
    Star Wars
    Honorable Mention: Good Dinosaur

    You guys do a good job, but may I make a suggestion for how to do these movie preview episodes? I can? Thanks, I know you love my suggestions. Anyway, I think instead of doing top 5, just go through the list of movies in order of when they come out, and tell us if you plan on seeing it or not. You can go quickly through the really dumb ones, but then expand on the ones you really want to see. Just a thought.

    Good job guys.


      1. I think we are all mispronouncing it too. The old lady called him “krahmpus”. It looks so stupid. Since Krampus is the shadow of St. Nicholas, does Santa Clause actually show up at the end and give battle to this guy? Or does Krampus’s heart grow three sizes when he learns that even though he turned all their toys into scary monsters and killed their uncle they still manage to celebrate Christmas the next day?


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