Baconsale Episode 25: Why Doctor Who?

Geronimo! In this episode, Baconsale dives head-first into the world of Doctor Who. Don’t watch Doctor Who? Fantastic! We’re talking to those that love The Doctor, those that want to exterminate The Doctor and everyone in between. We attempt to explain how this low-budget British television program became a pop culture phenomenon, and where those that are interested can begin their journey (with or without a companion).

So pin a piece of celery on your lapel, grab some Jelly Babies, step into the TARDIS and don’t worry if you don’t understand any of the references in this sentence — we’ll walk you through it. Allons-y!

:00 – Intro
:03 – Facebook Comments
:07 – Stances on Doctor Who
:20 – Who is the Doctor?
:42 – Jacob Brings the Hate
:55 – Where to Start Watching
1:00 – Fun Facts about Doctor Who
1:09 – Testimonies

One thought on “Baconsale Episode 25: Why Doctor Who?

  1. :00 – Intro Comments: You could’ve gone longer

    :03 – Facebook Comments: You didn’t mention any of my comments 😦 I guess I wasn’t controversial enough.

    :07 – Stances on Doctor Who: I don’t know the theme song. And after your acapella version, I’m not sure I want to know the theme song.

    You need to work on your audio input so when you play songs, you aren’t playing them from your computer into the microphone, but instead directly into the recording.

    :20 – Who is the Doctor? : I’m with Jacob, I am about done with the podcast. So far not convinced about the show.

    So, where does the Who come from? Is it because he travels through time (When) and space (Where) that he is called Dr. Who?

    It sounds kind of like Sliders. Or I guess Sliders sounds like they knocked off Dr. Who.

    It’s the Baconsale of tv shows? That’s not really selling it.

    Wait, you just mentioned me (00:31:42). I feel validated!

    I watched that first episode with the manequins and I was not impressed. But since y’all introduced me to Luther, I think I will give it a try. But I think you should do an episode on things to watch on Netflix.

    Dr. Who is a pacifist? You lost me again.

    This whole Dr. Who is Batman is also losing me on the show. Sorry Kent.

    :42 – Jacob Brings the Hate: I really like Mr. Bean.

    Lost was a great show! Except for the finale. I hated the finale.

    :55 – Where to Start Watching: Blink – Fun horror movie? Is there a fly in it, because if there is a fly in it, it’s against my religion to watch it.

    1:00 – Fun Facts about Doctor Who – These facts are so much fun! Whee!

    I do like the Big Bang Theory. At least when I could watch the syndicated episodes, but since they aren’t onNetflix or Hulu, I can’t watch new episodes.

    I’m already watching British TV without Dr. Who.

    1:09 – Testimonies: I think I will help keep Kent happy by helping to keep Dr. Who a little less popular by the mainstream. I might give it a shot within the next year, but it won’t be a priority.

    Can you get the Doctor to bring his TARDIS to come time travel me back one hour to stop me from listening to this Baconsale episode. Or better yet, go back in time and have you do a different topic.

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