Baconsale Episode 24: The M. Night Show-malan

If your sixth sense is tingling, then it’s probably one of the signs that there’s a new Baconsale episode coming to your unbreakable village. This week we’re talking about the works of M. Night Shyamalan, and trying to figure out when and how he went from being one of the most acclaimed directors in Hollywood to a punchline in a joke about bad movies.

PLOT TWIST! Since Jacob is on vacation, Emily Mackay, from the War Machine vs. War Horse podcast is here to help Kent and Joel argue with each other.

6 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 24: The M. Night Show-malan

  1. Who was the missionary who ruined 6th Sense for you?

    I can send you my college paper about the theology of The Simpsons, and another about how Homer Simpson is an ideal father.

    I really liked Unbreakable. What I had heard about Unbreakable at the time was that his explanation of it (I don’t have a source, so somebody else can fact check this) was that the most interesting part of the regular three act superhero movie is the first act – the act in which the hero learns of his ability – the discovery. So, MNS just zoomed in on that first act and made it into a full length movie. So, that might be where the trilogy rumor came from. He did the first act, so why not do the next two acts.

    I know I was one of those who dug on MNS for the whole thing about aliens coming to a water planet, but I did like the movie. I hope you don’t think that I don’t like the movie. I actually bought DVDs of all of his movies up to the Village, (never bought Lady in the Water) and religiously proclaimed how great his movies were.

    The Village was the last MNS movie I saw. Never saw Happening, After Earth or Last Airbender.

    The Bubble:

    Nicola Peltz was Katara in Last Airbender and the hussy from Transformers 4.

    I think most people would like to pretend the Airbender does not exist.

    I like the new verb – To Georgelucas (Jorgelucasar in Portuguese): For a director to take a charismatic talented actor and elicit a poor wooden performance in a movie.

    I think I felt betrayed by MNS when he made the Happening because it was rated R. He had been able to make great movies without going R before then, and then he went to rated R.

    Found footage. Thanks for the explanation. I liked the Cloverfield found footage film.

    Fact Check: Life of Pi is actually spelled P-I there is no E on the end. So, while it sounds like PIE, as in apple pie, cherry pie, etc, it is no about pie. It also isn’t about the math term for the he ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Instead Pi in the movie is a person who chose is nickname from the math term defined above. This is the Patton Oswalt concept for Unbreakable sequels.

    My ranking of the ones I have seen (lowest to highest): Lady in the Water, Village, Signs, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable.

    Can you replace Jacob with Emily more regularly? No offense Jacob.


      1. I remember Elder Pease. I lived with him for a few months when I was with Elder Campbell and he was with Elder Gunnell. I can totally imagine him ruining 6th Sense just like you described.

        Now to conjugate the verb Jorgelucasar: Eu jorgelucaso, Tu jorgelucasas, El/Ella/Voce Jorgelucasa, Nos jorgelucasamos, Vosotros jorgelucasais, Eles/Ellas/Voces jorgelucasan


  2. I got sixth sense ruined for me too. I had totally forgotten it came or in 1999. I guess my graduation year was a pretty awesome year for movies. Seriously though, I liked his suspenseful movies more than things like the ring. The movie terrified me.


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