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Baconsale Episode 23: Cable, IMAX, Erase

We have to make some tough decisions in this episode of Baconsale as we play “Cable, IMAX, Erase.” It is a totally original game that has nothing to do with that other game you’re thinking of right now…

In this game, Jacob gives Kent and Joel three different movies, and they have to choose which on they’d watch on repeat, which one they’d watch only on special occasions and which one they’d erase from existence. Listen to Joel and Kent struggle (while Jacob laughs sadistically) as they must make the dreaded Sophie’s Choice with some of their favorite films. These truly are some of the hardest and impactful decisions they’ll ever make! Maybe you should help bear the weight and play along.

3 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 23: Cable, IMAX, Erase

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    First, I think I would change the rules. I think what you should be doing is not erasing a movie so it never existed, but erasing every copy of it cease in every format so that it ceases to be viewable again. That way, people can still remember it, and you can have sequels, or even remakes, but nobody will ever be able to see it again.

    Big Fish – Imax
    Wonderful Life – Cable
    About Time – Erase – I haven’t seen it, so I don’t care if it is ever erased.

    Fight Club – Erase
    Inception – Cable
    Man of Steel – Imax

    Nightmare on Elm St – Erase
    Halloween – Erase
    The Ring- Erase
    I’m not a fan of horror movies, so I will erase them all. They are all satanic!!! and so FRESH!!!

    Rudy – Cable
    Mighty Ducks – Erase
    Remember the Titans – IMAX

    Matrix – IMAX
    Inception – Delete
    T2 – Cable

    Spider-Man 3 – IMAX
    Batman and Robin – Delete
    X-Men Last Stand – Cable
    Of course I would delete them all. I hated that sandman in S-M3 kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger (like the Hulk in the first few hulk movies).

    Master of Disguise – IMAX never seen it, so seeing it once in full screen might be fun!
    It’s Pat – Cable
    Little Nicky – Delete

    Jaws – Delete. (Speaking of Jaws in swimming pools, my friend and I once watched arachnaphobia on a double date in my attic, and I had my little brother crawl into the rafters above us and drop plastic spiders).
    Jurassic Park – IMAX – Totally Awesome. It would totally beat a screening of JAWS in IMAX. We once watched every screening of Jurrasic Park on a Saturday at the dollar theater. Then came back the next week for a few more screenings.
    Raiders of the Lost Ark – Cable

    Diary of a Mad Black Woman – Delete
    Now and Then – Cable (I too used to have a huge crush on Cristina Ricci)
    Divine Secrets of YaYa Sisterhood – IMAX

    Monsters Inc. – Cable
    Toy Story – Delete (Kent probably likes this for cable because it is somewhat dark with the broken toys) I think the other Toy Stories are so much better.
    Finding Nemo – IMAX

    Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo – I have actually never seen any of these, so thanks for that spoiler about Vertigo. Too bad none of them are on Netflix. You only want to see Psycho in IMAX for the shower scene.

    Yellow Submarine – Delete
    Hunt for Red October – IMAX
    Green Mile – Cable

    Shaun of the Dead – Delete
    Slum Dog Millionaire – Cable
    Dark Knight – IMAX

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    1. We need to expand your horizons on horror movies, Drew. There are some really good ones out there that don’t have any flies in them.


      1. Get the hence SATAN!!! I will have none of your satanic horror movies. You are indeed Lord of the Flies!!!

        I have seen plenty of horror movies, and I guess there are some in the genre I enjoyed, like 6th Sense (is that a horror movie?). However, while I thought The Ring did a good job being a horror movie, it may have done too good of a job. I think that is when I began to examine my movie selection and decided I didn’t need to watch Horror movies, I think the last horror movie I saw was Gothika, unless you count I Am Legend.

        Give some recommendations on good horror and maybe I’ll consider watching it. But I don’t like bloody slasher scream fests. I guess you’ll be providing some recommendations on baconsale soon in preparation for Halloween.


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