Baconsale Episode 22: Fast Food for Thought

What are you eating today? It’s time for Baconsale to think outside the bun and talk about fast food in a super-sized episode.

Joel and Kent are going to review, rank and rate your favorite hot eats and cool treats. This finger lickin’ episode is so fresh, you’ll be singing “I’m lovin’ it!” in no time! You may not agree with us on our ratings, but that’s fine — have it your way! After all, America runs on conflict.

WARNING: While this discussion topic may induce hunger, certain parts of this episode should NOT be listened to while eating. Thanks a lot, Kent!

13 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 22: Fast Food for Thought

  1. I side with Jacob. You said that he didn’t do any work, when in fact he is saying he did. It might not have been as intensive as you want, but he had to take restaraunts out of any list he found on the internet, and add some in based on the criteria you had (Drive thru). So, it was clearly more work than just finding a list on the internet. It was verifying the criteria and checking to see if any chains were left out – that’s actually a lot of work, because when you have what purports to be a comprehensive list, checking to see what is missing can take some work.

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  2. Fazzolis – Never eaten there. Don’t plan on it. Tier 3.
    Arby’s – Tier 3. I agree with Kent. The roast beef is not good at all.
    BK – Tier 2. I like that they still have a dollar menu with items that cost 1 dollar. At least here in Oregon. Contrast that to McDs whose dollar menu items cost at least 1.39.
    Dairy Queen – Tier 2. I’d eat there, but rarely do. It’s a generic fast food menu.
    KFC- Finger Lickin’ Good. Tier 3. Better fried chicken is found at your grocery store deli.
    Hardees/Carls Jr – Tier 2. If I ate there at least more than once a year (if that) I might rate it higher.
    McDonalds – Tier 2. Below BK. I love their fries too. I think Kent is prejudiced by how things are made and not the taste. Almost all other restaurants do the same stuff to their chicken nuggets the same. I like their 1$ drinks no matter what.
    Subway – I’ve never seen them have a drive through. But I would call this Tier 1. Good value. Good taste. I like the Italian BMT or Spicy Italian toasted with provolone cheese, green peppers, spinach, banana peppers and mayonaise. I never get their chicken sandwiches.
    Sonic – Tier 3. Not good at all. But yes, they still do roller skates. At least they did in Delaware and Texas.
    Taco Bell – Tier 3.
    Wendy’s – It used to be Tier 1 for me, but now it’s an upper Tier 2.
    I’m not listening to this show thinking, “I’m hungry” I am listening thinking “Wow, you guys eat a lot of fast food.”
    Quiznos – Never eat there, so I can’t rate it.
    Del Taco – Never eat there.
    Chick-Fil-A – Is TOP TIER 1!. I don’t like the pickle on my chicken sandwich though. They bus your table, come around and ask if you want a refill. Their nuggets are not made the way McDs are made. It is definitely a family restaurant. Their kids meal toys are great because you can get books for your kids. Their lemonade is awesome. Also, if you by chance need a spare diaper because your kid just used the last one, they keep a supply of diapers in all sizes for just that circumstance.
    In N Out – Tier 1. They don’t freeze their meat, so they have to make sure each restaurant is within a certain radius of an approved supplier. I like their burgers because they taste good, so much juicier than BK or McD. The lettuce is crispy (because its so fresh) and the sauces are good. I’m not an In N OUt cult member – I like 5 Guys better.
    WeinerSchnitzel – Can’t rate it cuz I’v enever eaten there.
    Sconecutter – As a kid I loved that place! MMMMM!!! Scones with butter and honey. Their scones are way better than Starbucks scones.

    Where is 5 Guys? I guess they don’t have drive through, but if Subway and Quiznos are on here 5 Guys should be here too. Chipotle too.

    Guilty Pleasure – Jack In the Box. Their menus is made for potheads, but it is tasty!
    BK has the best value menu. It still costs just a dollar.


  3. Seems like you’re mostly on Team Kent on this, but I do find it interesting how you only have two tier-one restaurants on here. And yes, since you used the word “fresh,” I’m going to lump you in with the other In-N-Out cult members.


    1. I guess I am just a discriminating fast food consumer. My other tier 1s that were not included in your list are 5 Guys and Chipotle. I might also rate some of my Tier 2 restaurants as Tier 1s depending on the location. Like do you remember that McDonalds in downtown Porto, Portugal with the stained glass windows, and Eagle Statue over the doorway? Definitely a Tier 1 establishment.


    2. By the way, I had three Tier 1 restaurants. Subway, Chick-fil-A and In N Out. If Quiznos is indeed better than Subway, then it would be Tier 1, but since I never eat there I can’t rate it. I do like the name, the q and the z makes it fun! So on that basis alone I would rate it as Tier 1.


  4. Fazzoli’s Tortellini Robusto was my all-time favorite pasta dish from any Italian place, sadly I don’t think they make that one anymore. I agree that Carl’s Jr has the best fast-food burger, hands down. I can’t eat McDonalds. I have eaten at McDonalds 3 times in my entire life and all three times I got sick. McDonalds is tier 4 for me, sorry Joel.

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  5. Because I listened to this while I was hungry, I had to go get dinner. At the very end, you bright up taco time and taco maker, which took me back to high school. I ate a crisp bean burrito almost every day, and enjoyed one for dinner today. Thanks for that.
    I realized after listening to this that a lot of these food places have nostalgia for me.
    When I was younger, my parents would take us to McDonald’s a couple times a year because we couldn’t afford to go out much, so it was a big deal! Ever since my now 11 year old was 2 and got stuck in the McDonald’s play ground, I refuse to go there 🙂 I had to climb up and get him and those stupid toys aren’t made for adults.
    As a teenager, my brother would take me to taco bell where I always got a 7 layer burrito.
    I do like Fazoli’s breadsticks, but that’s about it.
    I’m also with Bethany. I used to live Carl’s Jr. They have really good burgers, but since they started advertising with women’s bodies, I won’t go there anymore.
    The first time I had In N Out was in San Francisco and I wasn’t able to eat it right away and Kent is totally right. That food is nasty when it’s not hot. I don’t mind it now because I can feed my family pretty cheaply, but if I want a really good burger, I’ll go to Five Guys. That place is the best with really yummy fries.
    Oh and barbeque sauce is yummy, whereas ketchup is not.


    1. When you say “ate a crisp bean burrito almost every day,” do you mean one from Taco Time or one from Taco Maker? Because there’s a big difference.


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