Baconsale Episode 15: The Franchise Awakens

Since Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Lucasfilm decided to spin-off a solo Han Solo movie, we decided to offer up our own Star Wars spin-off suggestions. Kent, the hopeless romantic, tries to hook up a bunch of Star Wars characters while Joel just wants to see Channing Tatum take his shirt off again.

J.J. Abrams, if you’re listening, and you like any of these ideas, you can contact us at

9 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 15: The Franchise Awakens

  1. Instead of “live commenting” I am going to do one big comment this time. That way I don’t have to say, “Hey you just said what I just said” because you technically said it first and I just didn’t know until I heard it.


  2. “Please set your expectations low for this one.” So, lower than usual? Or just my normal expecations for Baconsale?

    Would the Marvel Universe be considered a spin-off series?

    I really liked the Young Indiana Jones spin-off TV series.

    Pausing Baconsale to search YOutube for CHewbacca’s Christmas Special. To watch a highlight reel of the 98 minute movie go here: Okay,wow! That was…I don’t know…so many questions…so many comments…Did the actors just go home and cry after filming that?

    Would a Han Solo spin-off look like “Firefly”? I think that’s what they might be trying to go for, but they will not be able to recreate Firefly. (I promise I made this comment in the very beginning and i am leaving it in, even though you brought up firefly later).

    How about a kids movie about Admiral Akbar that takes place in a 1980’s era elementary school and his tagline is “It’s a Trapper Keeper!”

    Or maybe Jabba isn’t even the real brains behind the operation but instead Selacious is the real brains and is the puppet master (pun intended) of the whole crime syndicate.

    I would like to see a spin-off where a young kid from tatooine is told that he was selected to go to the QuiGonWarts School of Jedi and Jedidry, and to get there he has to take a spaceship that he gets to by walking through a hollogram. Then he meets up with two other young Jedi who become his best friends. THey learn how to become Jedi, but they have to save the Jedi school from a threat from the dark side by battling a three headed dog, and play multi-dimensional chess. There could be maybe seven or eight movies following these kids through their training. And in the end they battle a Darth Lord in a battle that destroys the Jedi school. But between each movie, the kids go home for the summer.

    I think female Yodas should look different from male Yodas, like Peacocks and Peahens look different.

    Do you guys not understand warp theory? The Millenial Falcon warped space in such a way that he was able to do it in 12 parsecs instead of 16.

    Would you go see a Jaden Smith movie with Jaden Smith?

    Your asking them to put creativity into naming a cyborg when they name a female Yoda, “Yaddle”? Remember, set your expectations low.

    I had never heard of Mara Jade before hearing this podcast.

    I would like to see a CSPAN style spin-off that follows the legislative assemblies of the Galactic Senate.

    I do like Kent’s spin-offs as a whole more than Joel’s. But Joel you get an A for effort.


    1. Hmmmm. I’m not sure I like this method. I can’t comment on the individual comments without making this reply just as long.
      I will say this, though, how DARE you like Kent’s pitches more than mine!


  3. I still believe there should be no star wars spin offs. I have enough star wars in my life.
    I also got yelled at when I told Ryan and his friends that the only reason they like the later star wars better than the newer ones is because of childhood nostalgia….


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