Baconsale Episode 14: The Most ‘America!’ Movie Ever

It’s Rocky IV versus Independence Day in this no-holds-barred Baconsale brawl. Joel tries to prove that ID4 is the most “America!” movie ever, while Kent tri-JOEL DOESN’T LET KENT TALK! Grill some meat, light your sparklers and give a bald eagle a high five, because this is the most red, white and blue episode of Baconsale yet!

31 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 14: The Most ‘America!’ Movie Ever

    1. Oh beautiful is Beckinsale, with ample plates of bacon. For Kevin Bacon’s majesty across the silver screen. America, America, we love kevin and kate. And Joel thinks well of every film, but Kent just likes to hate.


  1. Vanilla actually comes from a plant that is native to meso-america. But the first vanilla ice cream was made in France. However Thomas Jefferson created his own recipe for vanilla ice cream…


  2. ID4 is a ‘MERICA movie because it shows ‘Merica solving the world’s problems…dominating over the world and alien invaders from another world… Rocky IV may be a great movie, but ID4 is still the better ‘MERICA movie.


  3. This is Joel’s brother, Spencer. Kent is right.

    If needed, I can submit as evidence the old VHS we had of Rocky IV that is totally worn out from the number of times we watched it together. (Rocky II is in mint condition… just like the copy of Independence Day.)


  4. I think both movies were very American, so good choices on both sides. However, I think Independence Day is more American (even though I do like Rocky 4 better). My reason is, Independence Day has a ton of American stuff in it and ends with everyone coming together to win. So, everyone works together to be the hero. Go America. In Rocky 4 There’s some American stuff and the movie ends with the focus on Rocky being the hero. Go Rocky.
    On another note, this podcast was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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