Baconsale Episode 337: Schoolyard Pick – Video Game Party

Oh no! Zack was invited to two different sleepovers on the same night at the same time. How ever will he choose which one to go to? It’s up to Kent and Joel, who are hosting the separate shindigs, to pick the best possible party video games that will entice Zack to attend their event. And it’s a schoolyard pick, so they’re both choosing from the same list and stealing games (and guests) from one another. Is Super Smash Bros. the ultimate? Will Baconsale start a Dance Dance Revolution? Who is the greatest Guitar Hero? Baby, can you see our Halo?

Press play to pick your video game party.

2 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 337: Schoolyard Pick – Video Game Party

  1. Rocket league is easily the best game on the list, me and my friends have battled each other over the years to see whos the best player, and I’m still standing after all this time

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