Baconsale Episode 231: The Ultimate Movie Robot Battle

Last time he was here, Ryan Ferrin told us, “I’ll be back.” Well he’s back on this episode of Baconsale, and he’s brought with him a bracket featuring famous robots, droids, cyborgs, and androids from film & TV. Instead of killing all humans, though, these robots are going to be fighting each other in a no-holds barred, single-elimination tournament. Ryan, Kent, and Joel will be picking their winners for each round and debating the results, while Jacob gets to sit back and enjoy the chaos that ensues. One by one, each robot will be wiped out like tears…in rain until only one is left standing. Will Johnny 5 stay alive? Will Baymax break his Hippocratic Oath? Will Sonny come home with a vengeance?

To initiate robot tournament sequence, press play.

Print your own Baconsale Robot Bracket by clicking here and then play along at home!

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