Baconsale Episode 105: Baconsale-Approved Dating Etiquette

Hey, are you busy right now? Because…we were wondering…if…uh…you wanted to listen to our podcast sometime?

Now that Kent is single and entering the dating world once again, it’s time for Baconsale to talk about proper date etiquette. We’ve gathered courting do’s and don’ts from both guys and girls as well as horror stories from you, the listener. Along the way, we discuss topics such as the Joel’s theme dates, Kent’s creeping pinky and Jacob’s mom.

We’ll see you on the doorstep at the end!

11 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 105: Baconsale-Approved Dating Etiquette

  1. I thought we had confirmed at least 8 listeners to this show? I know you guys were giving him crap but honestly, Jacob sounds like he had the most game in the dating game. Joel is definitely right there with him. I’m worried about Kent.

    I was notorious for kissing on the first date when I was dating. I usually knew things were a sure thing before I asked a girl out and once I was at that point (usually after about 3 weeks of back and forth and flirting) then I just went for it… There was one time it was less than 24 hours from meet to kiss, but I’m not as proud of that one, it went BAAAAADly. My wife was the first girl to shoot me down, and I had probably the best spontaneous setup for it. It was awesome, and she’s the best.

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      1. We watched ELF as part of our first date, and when I went to drop her off she kissed me on the cheek and I said “you missed”… she then promptly ducked her head (blushed pretty badly, it was cute haha) and said “not yet.” To which I replied “Alright, good night then” and turned and walked back to my car haha she hated that line.. but I totally should have gotten smooched. Elf was a random pick for the movie too, so it was not planned out.

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  2. Joel, are you the only guy that checks the website anymore? haha I don’t think Jacob has been on here for like… over a year haha and Kent’s last comment was in January or so. Do you guys have a set schedule for who is in charge of the twitter account/facebook account/ and who checks the website?

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