Baconsale Episode 28: The Psychology of Fear

Do you know why you’re afraid when you’re alone? We do. . .we do. . .

This episode of Baconsale features our very special guest, Dr. Matt Woolley. Dr. Matt is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology and he’s a professor at the University of Utah. . .so of course we had to ask him about movie monsters.

We try and find out what makes Freddy tick, what’s going on behind Jason’s hockey mask and if there’s any chance of rehabilitation for Michael Myers. Along the way, we discuss why people enjoy being scared, if watching horror movies can mess you up, and Joel, Kent and Jacob reveal some of their deepest and darkest fears. It’s fun for the whole family (psychologist)!

:00 – Intro
:10 – What Horror is Okay for Kids?
:14 – The Terror of Unseen Movie Monsters
:18 – Why People Like Scary Movies
:25 – Effects of Scary Movies on Your Psyche
:30 – Diagnosing Movie Monsters
:57 – Why We Romanticize Monsters
1:00 – Back to the Diagnosis
1:21 – Dr Matt Judges Our Irrational Fears

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