Baconsale Episode 20: Tournament of Heroes (Part 2)

Round 1 of our Heroes Bracket took up an entire episode, but we manage to get through rounds 2, 3 and 4 in this, part two, of our Tournament of Heroes. In this debate, should Kent and Joel agree on a winner, they automatically advance. However, if they disagree on who would be victorious, it is up to Jacob to decide who moves on to the next round.

This episode sees epic battles such as Captain America versus Iron Man, Optimus Prime versus the Terminator and Kent’s opinion versus logical reasoning. And yes, in the end, we will declare one of these heroes the ultimate winner.

Plus, you can print off your own bracket below and play along with us at home!

Baconsale Heroes Bracket – Round 2

14 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 20: Tournament of Heroes (Part 2)

  1. I am so happy Superman got taken out! I will watch Batman vs Superman in the theater but Batman vs Jean Gray? Only on Baconsale!
    Villians I would like to see include: Boba Fett, Matter-Eater Lad, Predator and The Blob.

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  2. First of all- only 36 people in the first round (not 50) and this round is 32 people (you have some new heroes coming in for their first fight this round)

    Round 2
    Cyclops v. Legolas – Cyclops, since light travels faster than an arrow.
    Flash – Super speed is so much more useful than any alien. If the alien attacks, the Flash can run around it. Of course, the Flash doesn’t always use his superspeed to his advantage. So often he slows down to normal speed to talk or whatever and doesn’t speed up again when he should.
    Yoda v. Gandalf – Yoda. The force and the light saber is so much more powerful than bright light. Gandalf is so often just fighting with his staff and no magic at all.
    Merlin v. Professor X – Question: Is Merlin a mutant? Professor X.
    Indiana v. Wolverine – Wolverine. Hands down. Yes. Indiana in Raiders of the Lost Ark was pointless.
    Green Lantern v. Spider-Man – I would want Spider-Man to win because I know nothing about Green Lantern
    Hulk v. White Ranger – Hulk.
    Batman v. Neo – Batman.
    Optimus Prime v. Terminator – Optimus. He has so much more firepower than Terminator.
    Buffy v. Capt Kirk – Buffy. Her martial arts skills are so much better than Capt Kirk’s. Kirk would spend all his time trying to bed Buffy, and Buffy would send a stake through his heart. Kirk’s Phaser would be set to stun and he’d forget to change the settings to “fry”. (BTW, what are the other settings for phasers?)
    He-Man v. Hercules – Hercules. Family friendly guys. Family friendly.
    Capt America v. Iron-Man – The Cap. Definitely. Iron Man is made of Iron, but Cap’s shield is made of vibranium.
    Aquaman v. Super-Man – Superman. But Aquaman could send out his sea creatures to find all the kryptonite shards that landed in the ocean.
    Ghost Rider v. Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman.
    Daredevil v. Xena – Daredevil.
    Hiro v. Jean Grey – Jean Grey. X-Men the Last Stand was horrible.

    Round 3
    Legolas v. Flash – Flash. Superspeed can outrun arrows and close the distance to where Legolas can’t shoot an arrow. (BTW: the proper term for loading an arrow is “Nock” not “Notch”
    Gandalf v. Professor X – Prof X.
    Wolverine v. Green Lantern – Wolverine. Couldn’t Wolverine cut through the green bubble?
    Hulk v. Batman – Batman. Batman will wait till Hulk calms down then kills him as Bruce Banner.
    Optimus v. Kirk – Optimus.,manual
    Hercules v. Ironman – Hercules.
    Superman v. Wonder Woman – Superman. Can Wonder Woman fly without her invisible plane? Superman has laser eyes, and he can make Wonder Woman forget things by kissing her.
    Daredevil v. Jean Grey – Jean Grey.

    Round 4 (Not round 5. You guys skipped a round number, you renamed 3 as 4 at the end)
    Flash v. Prof X – Flash. Flash can heal quickly too.
    Green Lantern v. Batman – If Wolverine can’t beat Green Lantern then Batman can’t. But I’m happy to have Green Lantern finally go down. Batman wins. (because sometimes the underdog wins).
    (Looks like you figured out the correct round number)
    Optimus v. Hercules – Optimus. YAY!!!!
    Superman v. Jean Grey – I didn’t think there could be anyone who could beat Superman, but after hearing how Jean Grey fares in the previous rounds, I think she can take him. So, I am going to go with Jean. (if Gandalf is both grey and white and Hulk is also Bruce, then Jean Grey is also the Phoenix). Jean Grey can block out the rays of the yellow sun, and then Superman gets weak. If Superman can kill Zod, then Grey can kill Superman.

    Round 5
    Prof X v. Batman – Prof. X. Doesn’t X have the same powers as Grey?
    Jean v. Optimus – Jean.

    Round 6
    Jean Grey v. Batman – Jean Grey. See her list of weaknesses on this site.

    Mystery Challenger v. Jean Grey – Jean Grey.

    Let’s do this again without Jean Grey. This should be an annual event with different parings.

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  3. Villains: Loki, Cobra (from GI Joe), Skeletor, the Alien, Gremlins (as a pack), Dracula, Lex Luthor (of course), T1000, Khan, The Borg, Zod

    Alternate Heroes for another bracket: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer, Master Chief, Ghostbusters

    I also think that some teams should be allowed to play as a team, like the Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, or the Fantastic 4. Of course team sizes would have to be limited. You can’t have all the X-Men or Avengers.

    Of course, you could do a hero team bracket, so Batman could bring in Robin, Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl. Then it’s a fight to the death of half at least 2/3s of the team.

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    1. That would be pretty fun. And, let’s face it, we’d probably end up with different heroes advancing, based on all the feedback we’re getting.


  4. Going back to Hiro v. Jean Grey (or another time traveler like the Flash, Dr. Who or Wolverine) I think Hiro might be able to win. So, these death matches, I assume are scheduled and there is at least a ref who says “Fight” to begin the fight. Hiro immediately – before Jean has time to take control of his mind, because he can slow time down too, so he can time his departure to exactly the moment the fight starts – he immediately time travels back in time and kills Jean Grey while she is still an infant. Or, he time travels super far into the future so Jean thinks he ran away, gets bored sitting there waiting for him, lets his guard down, then he appears immediately, fires a gun and immediately disapparates, and does the same thing millions of times at point blank range all around her. She dies. ORRRRRR he time travels to the far distant future till she dies of old age and he wins!!!!


      1. You’re right, Jean Grey can manipulate time:

        “Temporal Manipulation – While acting as the Phoenix Force, Jean can manipulate the past across large temporal distances and with a profound knowledge of the causal effect her actions will have. It may be the case that time as a concept doesn’t apply to the White Hot Room.”

        But at least with Hiro there is a chance of winning. The advantage she has over Hiro is that she “has a profound knowledge of the causal effect that her actions will have.” Which means she could go back in time and change only the slightest thing, like a butterfly’s wing flap set in motion a causal chain that will lead to Hiro’s death at just the right time.

        Who even came up with Jean Grey as a character? And how has she not already eradicated crime and evil?


      2. Well.. as Jean Grey evolved since her debut in the 60’s, her character became a deus ex machina essentially. She’s a cosmic-level mutant (i.e. god level) in where she’s basically the only Omega to reach her potential. That’s why it’s unfair to pit her in a 1v1 battle, because she’d win instantly. She’s not even a “character” anymore, more like a concept – the pinnacle of mutant evolution.


  5. So Batman’s yellow beats Green Lantern but Wolverine’s yellow spandex suit isn’t mentioned? Should have been a Wolverine Batman showdown.


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