Baconsale Episode 19: Tournament of Heroes (Part 1)

Admit it, you’ve wondered at least once in your life “Who would win in a fight, Gandalf or The Silver Surfer?” So we decided to put some random hero match-ups to the test. Jacob created a bracket of sci-fi and fantasy heroes, and it’s up to Joel and Kent to debate and decide who wins each bout. Since we had approximately 50 heroes to discuss, we only got through the first round this time around, but we’ll be back to finish it off next week.

BONUS: You can print off your own Baconsale heroes bracket and play along/argue with us!

Baconsale Heroes Bracket – Round 1

3 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 19: Tournament of Heroes (Part 1)

  1. Legolas v. Arrow – Arrow has exploding bombs, bigger muscles and much better hand to hand combat skills. In a cage match Legolas would not be able to run up trees and ropes to get away.
    Ripley v. Connor – Connor.
    Flash v. Strange – Flash.
    Yoda v. Dumbledore – Yoda. Dumbledore doesn’t like to kill.
    Merlin v. Harry Potter – Harry Potter. I think the baby under the bench was a piece of Voldemort’s soul that created the Horcrux.
    Han Solo v. Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones. (Chewbacca can be on the sidekick brackets – he would totally be Shortround)
    Green Lantern v. Silver Surfer – Green Lantern.
    White Power Ranger v. Picachu – WHO CARES? I’ll go ahead and say Picachu.
    Beast (X-Men) v. Batman – BATMAN! BECAUSE HE’S BATMAN!!! (A better pairing would have been Batman v. Ironman)
    Dr Who v. Hiro – Hiro. If it is a fight to the death. As soon as the Dr. dies the game is over. It doesn’t matter if Dr Who comes back to life. Coming back to life doesn’t continue the fight. THat would be like saying, that Rocky can’t win because Drago will eventually get up again.
    Aragorn v. Xena – I have no opinion on this because I don’t know enough about Aragorn. So, I’ll go with Xena.
    Ghostrider v. Raphael(TMNT) – I always liked Donatello better than Raphael. Ghostrider does have superpowers whereas Raphael is just a ninja.
    Superman v. Storm – Superman. I’d be interested in who would finally be able to beat Superman. Maybe Hiro?
    Walker v. Capt America – Capt America. Capt America actually uses guns in addition to his shield. Capt America also has superstrong bones and muscles and can kick.
    Conan v. He-Man – By the Power of Grayskull! I Am He-Man!!!! He-Man wins.
    Kirk v. Picard – Picard. He didn’t age because he already looked old, but he still wins in a cage match. Enterprise v. Enterprise – Picard wins.
    Buffy v. Edward Cullen – Buffy. Cullen is a pacifist. He is a vampire vegetarian.
    Terminator v. Robocop – Terminaor. Robocop will try to arrest Terminator before he kills terminator. Terminator would take that moment to just kill Robocop.


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