Baconsale Episode 397: Our 397th Episode!

Look, if we would have waited for the 400th episode to do our anniversary show, it would have been pushed into mid-May, and we want to keep this annual event near Baconsale’s birthday in April. So we’re celebrating our beginnings on our 397th episode with a pop culture trivia contest that pits three contestants against each other: Chad, the returning Listener; Taylor, who tinkers with tools; and our youngest voluntary listener, Briggs. Zack will host this quirky quiz show and question our guests about casual dining menu items, boy bands, sporting team names, horror film franchises, and, of course, Gilmore Girls. Kent will do his best not to give away answers to our guests, Joel just keeps gasping at everything, and we hope you have a good time listening to this ridiculous competition.

Who will come out victorious? Don’t wait until Tim Burton passes away to find out, press play!

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