Baconsale Episode 381: The 12 Tiers of Christmas

On the first show of December, our podcast gave to you, a random holiday-themed ranking episode. We’ve decided to take a Baconsale-style look at the presents given during The Twelve Days of Christmas and see if they’re something that anyone would actually want. After we discuss the history of the song and how much these gifts would cost, we’ll then tier each present according to what we’d cherish forever, what we might enjoy once, and what we’d regift or just throw away. Joel gets a little greedy for gold, people never stop dancing at Kent’s apartment in New York, and watch out for the Zack Attack at the end! It’s a killer!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a drummer, a piper, a lord, a lady, a milkmaid, a swan, a goose, a ring, a blackbird, a hen, a dove, or a partridge, press play!

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