Baconsale Episode 378: The Worst Song of Songs Tournament

Last Christmas (or rather last March), Baconsale picked the ultimate Song of Songs. And now, even though No One was really asking for it, we’re beginning our quest to find the least Perfect song. We asked our listener (including all the Single Ladies), to submit their terrible tunes, and we’ve put those disagreeable ditties in a bracket. Why? This is How We Roll. Joel, Kent, and Zack have accepted your choices With Arms Wide Open, and then they’ll make Chop Suey of 32 songs that they don’t think deserve to win. And while we may not understand The Reason some of you made the picks you did, we won’t give you the Run-Around for long, because we’ll finish this tournament on the next episode.

Don’t Worry Be Happy, and press play if you Believe in life after love.

Download & print the official Worst Song of Songs bracket by clicking here.

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