Baconsale Episode 351: We Ate Everything at KFC

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Baconsale has conquered yet another restaurant: KFC. We’ve eaten every Kentucky Fried item on the menu, and we’re ready to talk turkey …er, chicken. Zack is a recent convert to the Colonel’s secret recipe, while Joel fears the franchise closest to his home, and Kent has tender feelings about thighs. We’ll also be chatting about our latest menu quest experience, discussing the history of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and giving answers for such categories as Best Cut, Worst Side, Guilty Pleasure, and Original Recipe vs. Extra Crispy. Listen as we uncover possible strawberry lemonade conspiracies, reveal one host’s gravy obsession, and explain the benefits of sheep’s bladders.

Stop licking the 11 herbs & spices off your fingers and press play!

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