Baconsale Episode 344: 2022 Oscar Predictions

In order to salvage their continually plummeting ratings, the Academy Awards asked three quasi-famous hosts to help people care about the films that no one has seen and the ceremony no one is watching. Unfortunately, Joel, Kent & Zack were busy recording this episode, so the Oscars will have to settle for less. Nevertheless, we’re going to continue our tradition of making predictions for the Academy Award winners on this episode of Baconsale. Listen as Kent tries to not follow his heart, Joel scours the web to find answers, and Zack plays the odds in Vegas.

Is something coming for Spielberg’s West Side Story? Will King Richard finally be crowned? Can Encanto work its magic on the voters? Will The Power of the Dog receive Best in Show? Press play to hear our thoughts.

Click here to submit your own predictions for the 94th Academy Awards on our official ballot for a chance to win a fabulous cinematic prize!

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