Baconsale Episode 318: A Grimm Outlook

Blutbad, Gelumcaedus, Wettbewerbsgewinner, these are just some of the words that we make Zack try to pronounce on this episode of Baconsale. Luckily, we have our friend Jessica Terry joining us in the Baconcave to help us out. She’s not an expert on German, but she is a big fan of Grimm, a supernatural police procedural that aired on NBC for six seasons. Jessica is going to explain why she feels Grimm is a TV show worth watching (and it’s not just because David Giuntoli is dreamy…though that helps) as we do our best to understand this television series inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales and explain it to you, the listener.

Press play to learn about Wesen, woging, voguing, and more!

One thought on “Baconsale Episode 318: A Grimm Outlook

  1. Hello! My name is Holly and I am friend of Jessica here! I know that I can always nerd out to these kinds of shows with her. Its so much fun! My husband and I are finishing up the series for the second time as well. Juliette was definitely not my favorite character and Rosalee and Monroe are definitely the sweetest couple ever.

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