Baconsale Episode 303: Betcha Can’t Tier Just One!

No matter how you slice it, a chip is delicious. And on this episode of Baconsale, Kent, Joel, and Zack are ready to rank 21 of these salty, crispy snacks for your enjoyment & irritation. We’ll first share the history of potato chips & tortilla chips, and then proceed to give some hot takes about the most popular brands (which are almost all owned by PepsiCo). We’ll talk Takis, discuss Doritos Nacho Cheese, fight about Funyuns, chat about Cheddar Pringles, frolic for Fritos, sound off about Sun Chips, and bicker about BBQ Lay’s.

But what will end up in our bag of bags? Press play to find out. Just don’t lick your fingies first.

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