Baconsale Episode 299: 2021 Oscar Predictions

Who’s up for a downer? Whether you realized it or not, the 93rd Academy Awards are this Sunday, and Baconsale is making our predictions as to who is going to win each of the 23 categories in what might be the lowest-viewed ceremony of all time. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the films, most people haven’t, and we’ll describe them to you. Though, all the nominees seem to be angry or depressing this year, so we need Baby Yoda to help us through these difficult times.

Will Mank make bank? Does Promising Young Woman show promise? Will Nomadland find a place to stay? Will the hearts of the Academy turn to The Father? Press play to find out!

Plus, you could win an Amazon gift card by clicking here and filling out our official 2021 Oscars ballot. We’re accepting submissions until April 25.

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