Baconsale Episode 284: Here Comes Satan Claws

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout, I’m telling you why… because some of these creepy Christmas creatures will beat you, kill you, or eat you. On this episode of Baconsale, we’re sharing unusual holiday folklore from around the world, but primarily from Germany, Iceland, Austria, and France (because Europe is weird). It’s dangerous to go alone on this perilous path, so we’ve invited Chris Draudt, a Krampus expert/enthusiast to join us. Listen as we butcher the names of Knecht Ruprecht, Père Fouettard, Mari Lwyd, Kallikantzaros, and other companions of Saint Nicholas. But beware, some of these traditional yuletide tales can get pretty grim.

Grab a bundle of birch branches, pull that potato out of your shoe, and press play!

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