Baconsale Episode 269: The Podlywed Game

Kent and Joel have been acquaintances for a long time (8 years & one-and-a-half months, to be precise), but how well do they really know each other? Well, their podcasting relationship is going to be put to the test during The Podlywed Game! Woo-boo! Zack has created a series of questions with help from you, the listener, that are designed to cause lots of warm fuzzies and plenty of cold pricklies between the co-hosts of Baconsale. You’re going to learn more than you wanted to know about their personal lives, including driving records, eating habits, and kissing histories. Plus, since the winner of this self-indulgent episode gets to feed their family, the stakes (steaks?) have never been higher.

Press play to start counting the number of bruises on Kent’s and Joel’s egos!

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