Baconsale Episode 137: You, Me & Season Three

It’s time for Baconsale to go on our holiday break, so we’re taking a self-indulgent look back at 2017. Kent, Joel and Jacob are talking about their favorite podcast-related moments of the past year, including guests (Huzzah for FeminAugust!) and behind-the-scenes stories that didn’t make it on-air—probably for a good reason. We also discuss episodes we’d like to redo, our biggest fights and our goals for the upcoming year of Baconsale.

Press play, or #Joel2017 will have something to say about it!


  1. chidwick1 · December 18

    That ending makes a ton of sense. I knew this year couldn’t have been the real Joel! Can’t wait for season 4! That trailer has me both excited and frightened!… It’s going to be great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joel · December 18

      Glad to hear it! Let us all hope Kent succeeds.


      • chidwick1 · December 18

        Wait.. Is this Pete or Joel?.. Did Pete take over everything but

        Liked by 1 person

      • Joel · December 18

        I’m not even sure anymore.


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