Baconsale Episode 107: What Would Baconsale Deux?

We’re not entirely sure how, but Jacob tricked Kent and Joel into doing another episode where he asks them a bunch of bizarre hypothetical questions to test their psyches while further proving he’s a psycho. During this round of psychological experiments/torture, Kent and Joel must answer such questions as who they would save in a viral apocalypse, which celebrity they would switch bodies with and, yes, “what’s in the shopping cart” makes another appearance.

Press play! Or don’t. Because if people don’t listen to this episode, we won’t have to be subjected to these kind of personality tests anymore.

One thought on “Baconsale Episode 107: What Would Baconsale Deux?

  1. Hey Guys! I watched this video last night and thought it might make for a good discussion episode. Best and Worst movie sequels! What makes a good sequel? What are your top 5 and bottom 5 sequels?


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