Baconsale Episode 103: The Finale Countdown

Are you happy with how your favorite television show ended? Today Kent, Jacob and Joel are talking about the TV series finales they love, the endings they hate, and the final moments that left them scratching them heads. And while they’re going to be spoiling some plot points of these shows, they’ll try to let you know ahead of time if they’re going to give mild spoilers, medium spoilers or spicy spoilers.

Press play and be sure to stay tuned for the shocking conclusion of this episode of Baconsale!

3 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 103: The Finale Countdown

  1. Every time I get to the season of the Office after Michael leaves my wife makes me restart the series because she doesn’t like the last few seasons… I actually like them. Yeah it gets goofy. I think it suffers from trying to be Parks and Rec, just as Parks and Rec suffered from trying to be the Office at its start. At the same time, it’s a lot more enjoyable than the early season of Parks and rec for me.

    HIMYM was so dumb. I hated that last season. It gets so heavy handed political and I just hate it. Only good episode is the one of the moms life before she met Ted. Such a wasted opportunity.

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      1. They were made by the same people. Michael Shur (Mose) is kind of a genius. Brooklyn 99, the Office, Parks and Rec, and now The Good Place. It also coincides with about the time Parks and Rec really started killing it. Also, did you know Parks and Rec was originally planned as a spin off from the office? I’m glad they didn’t try it. It definitely wouldn’t have worked.

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