Baconsale Episode 99: The Best 90s Alternative Band (Tournament Finals)

Do you have the time to listen to us whine about nothing and everything about 90s bands? Well, Hold My Hand because we’re going to debate All the Small Things (and some Little Things) about some of your favorite alternative music artists once again in our March Madness-style tournament. In fact, it’s time to end this Beautiful Disaster (*gasp* Say It Ain’t So!), give our picks one Last Kiss and make a Precious Declaration of the ultimate winner of our bracket Today. But we won’t really know how we did, ‘Til I Hear It from You in the comments.

Don’t Speak, just press play. And Thank U for listening!

Download Baconsale ADVANCED Alternative Bracket

5 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 99: The Best 90s Alternative Band (Tournament Finals)

  1. Fun ride! I don’t like Pearl Jam at all. You guys skewered the bands that have had the most staying power on this list, and I guess you can only change a vote if you align with Jacob. But still a fun bracket. Glad it’s over, sad we couldn’t see TMBG go further.


    1. The problem is that “staying power” is a tricky issue. After all, it could mean a band who is still together, still around, making music or a band that was only in the 90s and yet people still listen to them today.
      Also, RIP TMBG.

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      1. Yeah I guess that’s true there are probably a lot of different ways you could define it. I’d say that it should be that the songs noted are still played today. But by that metric your top bands would probably be Cake, Green Day, and Third Eye Blind. Like it or not, good riddance is STILL played at every graduation. Also, I saw Cake live and they were some of the nicest guys I’ve ever seen play live. They give a tree away at every concert for people to plant and then keep in touch with the fan who got the tree to see how it’s growing. Kind of cool, if you’re into trees. Most of the other groups music didn’t carry forward after the early 2000’s except for one or two big hits. And if you went by that metric most Grunge would probably lose that contest because it stayed in the 90’s and it’s evolution turned into goth or goth metal… or Creed and Nickelback…

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