Baconsale Episode 63: Tournament of Disney Villains (Part 2)

Name’s Baconsale, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin’?

Now look, we tried to finish our Disney Villain tournament this episode, but certain battles took longer than others for some, odd reason. So Kent and Joel were only able to get through one more round of the bracket And if that doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. Nevertheless, you’re sure to be entertained with such epic match-ups as Hades vs. Jafar, Ursula vs. The Horned King and, yes, Hopper vs. The Stabbington Brothers.

So get ready to yell “Fools! Idiots! Imbeciles!” at us as we plow through yet another Disney-villain-themed episode of Baconsale.

Click Here to Download the Baconsale Disney Villain Bracket – Part 2

26 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 63: Tournament of Disney Villains (Part 2)

  1. Listening now and REALLY! Cruella Loses to mother Gothel!!!! Jacob you have failed this podcast! mother Gothel would destroy Cruella, who is an old lady. She has seen glowing magic hair, abnormally intelligent chameleons and horses! Do you really think she would be to caught off guard by a car? do you? do you really….

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      1. That was totally Gothel’s fight. Cruella is just skin and bones (and skins) and probably suffers from a debilitating case of lung cancer judging by her wight loss and pallor. Whereas Gothel, is young and fit, and even when she’s old she is still in great shape. She has a dagger and can climb a rope, which if Jr High PE class taught me anything is the supreme feat of strength.

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    1. In everyone’s defense (on the show), it was late and the room we were in was seriously 90 degrees. I don’t think Jake was in his right mind.

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      1. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw a cat eat Ferris at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

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  2. I want to be furious at Jacob’s incompetence at judging the Cruella v. Gothel match, but he already proved his inability in the Hopper v. PJ match. Gothel totally wins.

    But really, he should have been looking to the next match it would have been perfect to have Gothel, who was killed by a color changing lizard to go up against Randal, a color changing lizard. C’MON!!!! That would have been great!

    Jacob. You failed again.

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    1. Imagination wasn’t his friend that night. You’re right, Randall vs Gothel would have been epic. And yes, I would have picked whoever Joel didn’t.

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      1. Apparently the only thing we know how to record in short doses are reviews of movies that are terrible. Otherwise, we never stop talking

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  3. Hey Jacob, nice job by the way. I think you’ve been taking some undeserved heat in this with some of your picks like Cruella or Hopper in round one. You really killed it with this bracket, it’s the best one yet, pretty much every fight has been a great matchup. Fantastic work, can’t wait for part 3.


  4. BTW Ursula vs. Chernabog caused a really lengthy debate at a family party a week ago. Can’t wait for you to settle it. I have a lot riding on that battle haha


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