Baconsale Episode 62: Tournament of Disney Villains (Part 1)

Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the baddest Disney villain of all? Be prepared, The Listener, in this episode, we are pitting the greatest antagonists from animated Disney movies (and some of their sidekicks) against each other in a no-holds-barred tournament. Jacob created a bracket (which you can download below and play along with us) and it’s up to Kent and Joel to decide who would win in an epic battle between the likes of Scar vs. Shere Khan, The Headless Horseman vs. Mr. Oogie Boogie and Hopper vs. Prince John.

And while you may be shouting “Off with their heads!” at some of our picks, don’t forget it, you’ll regret it, Baconsale knows best!

Click Here to Download the Baconsale Disney Villain Bracket – Part 1

17 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 62: Tournament of Disney Villains (Part 1)

  1. Kronk v. Gaston – Kronk – He is a trained Aztec soldier, whereas Gaston is just the village tough guy.
    Queen of Hearts v. King Candy – Queen of Hearts – “Off with her head”! She is bloodthirsty and willing to kill. I don’t think King Candy has the killer instinct.
    Sheriff of Nottingham v. Captain Hook – Captain Hook. He has a sword, a hook, a gun and canons.
    Claude Frollo v. Stromboli – Frollo – Since he has killed before. Stromboli tried to chop up a wooden puppet and failed. He could only be killed by falling into a pit of molten copper. I think Frollo is a Terminator.
    Mother Gothel v. Lady Tremaine – Mother Gothel has a dagger and club as weapons, whereas Lady Tremaine only has a walking stick.
    Shere Kahn v. Scar – Scar. Shere Khan has a lame paw (background from the book that isn’t mentioned in the movie) and is only interested in killing weaker beings and was in fact defeated by a mere man cub. Scar on the other hand killed a fellow lion, and it took another lion to defeat him.
    Syndrome v. Capt Gantu – Syndrome. Totally.
    Sid v. Lefou – Lefou. He has a pitchfork and a torch. Sid only has matches. The pitchfork gives him a longer reach and can get Sid before Sid gets close.
    Horned King v. Madam Mim – Horned King. He has control over an army of deathless warriors. Look at his personality: Ruthless, truly evil, cruel, completely evil, cunning, abusive, murderous, insane, dark, power-hungry, misanthropic, hegemonic, megalomaniacal, scary, dark-hearted. Compared to Madam Mim’s personality: Mean, psychotic, little evil, funny, insane, mischievous, boisterous, conceited. Truly and completely evil vs. little evil.
    Smee v. Prince Hans – Prince Hans. He has youth and strength.
    Lotso v. Scud – Scud. Scud would tear Lotso apart.
    Horace/Jasper v. Stabbington Bros – Stabbington Brothers.
    Prince John v. Hopper -Prince John. If Hopper can use his minions, then Prince John can use his minions – rhinos, hippos, snakes, birds, etc. I cannot believe you went with Hopper. HORRIBLE CHOICE JACOB!!! You lost all credibility with this one.
    Evil Queen v. Dr. Facilier – Evil Queen. Black Magic v. Dark Voodoo. Evil Queen is described in her personality as “murderous”. Whereas Dr. Facilier is described as “tricky”. Jacob again you have made a poor choice.
    Percival v. Sir Hiss – Percival.
    Jafar v. Yzma – Jafar.
    Zurg v. Lucifer – Lucifer. (I think you must have mispelled Zurg, cuz I found the wiki entry pretty easily ).
    Balthazar v. Slade – Slade
    Oogie Boogie v. Headless Horseman – Headless Horseman.
    Iago v. Hayabus Falcon – Iago.

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      1. Had lengthy debate about this and Hopper wins. Prince John would suck his thumb and bumble himself out a window. Anyone who went up against him would win.


      2. Chidwick, I think I might be more angry about Hopper winning than Joel. I don’t think Prince John is as much the sniveling bumbling coward as he is made out to be. Remember when he gets angry at Sir Hiss, he chokes him, ties him in knots and whacks him with whatever weapon is at hand, even if it is a family heirloom. When he gets angry he gets mean and violent. That said, you’re right, almost every other villain on the list would probably beat Prince John…except for a grasshopper that is scared of the shadow of a sparrow.

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  2. Well done episode!! Best bracket yet. I like that the matchups seemed more well thought out and less random this time (don’t know what the process was for the last two but they just seemed random)

    Kronk v. Gaston- Gaston. Not even a debate it’s Gaston. Polled about 9 people at a family party today, it was unanimous Gaston. Most of the people actually wondered why Kronk was on here at all.
    Queen of Hearts v. King Candy – King Candy. I’m actually surprised there was no mention of his kinda terrifying transformation into a cybug hybrid.. Plus he would become whatever he ate, so essentially in this tourney he could become even more powerful every round..
    Sheriff of Nottingham v. Captain Hook – Captain Hook.
    Claude Frollo v. Stromboli – Frollo
    Mother Gothel v. Lady Tremaine – Mother Gothel.
    Shere Kahn v. Scar – Shere Khan. He’s bigger, meaner, and would pummel Scar into oblivion. Scar only wins when he has his enemies on the edge of a cliff.. And that only worked once! Shere Khan is bigger and I’d even argue more intelligent than Mufasa, scar has no shot.
    Syndrome v. Capt Gantu – Syndrome. No contest.
    Sid v. Lefou- Sid. Lefou isn’t really all that evil. He’s too nice to kill a kid. Sid would shoot a rocket at his face and then beat him up because that’s just the kind of kid he is.
    Horned King v. Madam Mim – Horned King.
    Smee v. Prince Hans – Prince Hans. Smee would kill himself off, Hans wouldn’t have to do anything.
    Lotso v. Scud – Scud. Scud. Scud. A million times Scud.
    Horace/Jasper v. Stabbington Bros – Stabbington Bro.s
    Prince John v. Hopper – Hopper. I liked the idea of Prince John getting eaten alive by fire ants after their queen is taken hostage by hopper and they have to do his bidding or he offs her.
    Evil Queen v. Dr. Facilier – Voo Doo Man!! I think the Evil Queen gets way too much credit. She didnt do anything really..
    Percival v. Sir Hiss – Percival.
    Jafar v. Yzma – Jafar, Yzma doesn’t stand a chance
    Zurg v. Lucifer – Zurg!! He shoots a ball of yarn to distract lucifer then shoves him down an elevator shaft… I have no investment in this one.
    Balthazar v. Slade – i don’t really know either of them off the top of my head so… Slade i guess.
    Oogie Boogie v. Headless Horseman – Headless Horseman, I guess we all know who Joel is going to try to take to the final..
    Iago v. Hayabus Falcon – Iago

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    1. I haven’t picked a pony for this race, yet, actually. I’m just seeing how it all plays out.
      Also, I don’t think we give the Evil Queen ENOUGH credit. We saw one slice of her magical ability, but we know she can had better control over those dark powers than the Shadow Man did.


  3. Some villains that would have been fun to see, but ultimately wouldn’t have won, but would have been better than Lucifer the likes of Lucifer: Maestro (Pinocchio) vs the Giant Squid (finding Nemo). Mor’du (Brave) he’d be good in the animal bracket going up against the likes of Shere Khan Scar. Otto (Wall-E) but King Candy would have destroyed him.


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