Baconsale Episode 3: Achievement Unlocked! Out of Your Depth

The Baconsale boys take some time off from fighting about movies so they can argue about television. Apparently they equate the amount of time of sitting on a couch and binging through shows to finding new depths. In this warped world, the more shows you complete, the more intellectual you are.
Join the guys as they choose the best reality, best escapism, most recommended and best show overall.
Spoiler alert…one of the group loves Married at First Sight.

5 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 3: Achievement Unlocked! Out of Your Depth

  1. Binge Watching Show: Sherlock
    Show Everyone Should Be Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine
    Favorite Reality Show: So You think You Can Dance
    Escapism: The Flash (I wrote this before you said it)
    Hate Show: Bones (I hate how contrived everything is, and how liberal it is, but I watch it anyway)
    (I agree, I now I hate How I Met Your Mother because of the finale)
    Best British TV: Sherlock (Again I typed this before you said Sherlock)
    Best Overall Show: Sherlock
    (I have moral reasons for not watching Game of Thrones, I tried to read the books, but I could not continue after the second book for the same reasons. You should have listened to your guardian angel)
    You finally mentioned Brooklyn Nine Nine!
    New Shows: Dare Devil
    Last Man on Earth is so stupid – Well I never made it through the second episode.


  2. Ok…
    Things, I mean shows, that I hate: Walking Dead, Mad Men
    Escapism: The Office
    Guilty Pleasure: Once Upon a Time
    Reality: Married At First Sight (Season 2)
    Show Everyone Should Be Watching and Best Show: Call the Midwife (I need more people to talk to about it with)


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