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  1. Awesome podcast.
    What is an awesome podcast? It is one that you enjoy listening to regardless of the topic; Baconsale is one such podcast. Funny and entertaining, yet informative. It has made my short subscription list.
    Keep up the good work guys–


  2. Joel is the only review of Star Wars that I agreed with. I love this podcast but this episode was brutal to listen to all of them gang up on Joel.

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  3. Ok, after not liking Joel being ganged up on, I have to admit that I liked the ending of the podcast. Not because it was ending, but HOW you ended it. Have a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to your return.

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    1. Would you believe that we just got out of that snow globe just now and that’s why it took me so long to reply to your post?


  4. I really liked ep. 93. My wife and I took pre marriage counseling and I was sceptical at first. I was really uncomfortable when I saw we were going to be talking about sex with our pastor. I think that our pastor really put us at ease just with his sense of humor that broke the tension. My wife and I found this counseling very rewarding and fun. We were both 40 ( 7 years ago ) and we each have kids from our previous marriages. Sitting down and talking about our goals for the immediate future, the decades to come and how to deal with the blended family was very helpful to us. Thanks for having Dr. Matt on! Love the show!

    Matt Hathaway


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