Baconsale Episode 138: Best & Worst Movies of 2017-ish

Kent, Jacob and the real Joel are back to kick off season four of Baconsale! And, as per tradition, we’re starting this year by discussing our favorite and least favorite films that were released (or that we watched) in 2017. Kent displays his seething hatred of Marvel movies, whereas Joel actually has some current picks this time. Oh, and Jacob may have picked up on some Oscar buzz in the process.

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Baconsale Episode 137: You, Me & Season Three

It’s time for Baconsale to go on our holiday break, so we’re taking a self-indulgent look back at 2017. Kent, Joel and Jacob are talking about their favorite podcast-related moments of the past year, including guests (Huzzah for FeminAugust!) and behind-the-scenes stories that didn’t make it on-air—probably for a good reason. We also discuss episodes we’d like to redo, our biggest fights and our goals for the upcoming year of Baconsale.

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BaconBit: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

The last time Baconsale discussed a Star Wars sequel, it nearly tore the podcast apart. Will it happen again? Join us as we review Star Wars: The Last Jedi completely spoiler-free for the first 20 minutes, following which we’ll wade deep into saga spoiler territory. Will Kent finally love the new franchise? Will Jacob have a clear opinion of the movie? Will Joel be able to stand his ground against the other two?

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Baconsale Episode 136: The 12 Days of Geekmas

Great lords a-leaping! Baconsale is making their Christmas wish list and it’s full of some pretty geeky stuff. We’ve selected 12 of our favorite gadgets & gifts from famous movies or television shows, from Star Trek (Yes! Joel knows Star Trek things!) to Harry Potter. Hopefully we made the nice list and Santa will make our holiday dreams comes true—even though Jacob just wants to shoot things with a ray gun.

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Baconsale Episode 135: Labyrinth vs. The NeverEnding Story

Turn around, look at what you see! It’s Baconsale doing the Magic Dance of a versus show. On this episode, we’re taking opposing sides on our favorite childhood fantasy films, namely Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story. Joel does his best to banish Atreyu and Falkor to the Nothing, even though he actually likes them, while Kent projects his own creepiness on Jareth the Goblin King and Sarah in order to drag their story through the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Call our name and then press play to Chilly Down with the Baconsale gang!

BaconBit: Tournament of 90s R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap One-Hit Wonders

This is How We Do It, everybody! Baconsale is dedicating this BaconBit to the one-hit wonders in the rap, hip-hop and R&B genres that made you Jump and Jump Around back in the 90s. And while we try to Regulate our emotions and be cool as Ice Ice Baby, these kind of bracket shows are Poison for Good Vibrations.

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Download Baconsale Printable 90s Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B One-Hit Wonder Bracket

Baconsale Episode 134: The Best 90s One-Hit Wonder (Tournament Finals)

What’s Up? Oh, Baconsale is just finishing up our Popular 90s one-hit wonder bracket. We know we’re Missing some favorites, but Kent wrote a Song 2 discuss those oversights and heal our Achy Breaky Hearts as we try to make some very difficult decisions. And you can be One of Us and declare “I’m Gonna Be right!” by downloading your own bracket below and playing along.

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Download Advanced Baconsale 90s One-Hit Wonder Bracket

Baconsale Episode 133: Just Us Talking Justice League

Today on Baconsale, SuperJoel, Wonder Jacob and BatKent are reviewing the new Justice League movie. Wait, seriously? How did we let Kent talk us into doing another full episode of a DC film instead of a BaconBit? Regardless, the first half of the episode is spoiler-free, so you can listen to it even if you haven’t seen the film. And the review evolves into a discussion of the future of the DCEU, Rotten Tomatoes bias and the hypocrisy of Kent Dunn.

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Baconsale Episode 132: Tournament of 90s One-Hit Wonders

Woo hoo! Unbelievable as it may seem, we’re doing another ’90s music bracket. How Bizarre! But If You Could Only See that we’re doing one-hit wonders from the alternative, pop and dance genres, you’d be sure to Stay and listen. And The Impression That I Get is that this Runaway Train of hit music makes Kent, Joel and Jacob feel Torn as they make their picks for the first round of this tournament.

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Baconsale Episode 131: The GoshFather of Utah Improv

Okay, listener, we need some of your suggestions for this episode. Give us a topic that Baconsale could talk about…. improv comedy? Okay. Now, give us a guest that we could bring on the show that would add some authority to that subject….. the founder of Quick Wits? Perfect! Today we’re talking with the Bob Bedore about his experiences as a professional comedian, what it takes to be a comic and how comedy has affected his writing and his daily life. Then he has Kent and Jacob play some improv games for the first time.

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