Baconsale Episode 73: The Pilot Program

Because the fall season is fast approaching, Baconsale is ready to talk about their favorite pilots! Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Chelsey Sullenberger….wait, I am being informed that they are actually talking about TV show pilots (yes, that joke get used A LOT in this episode). Kent, Joel and Jacob have each prepared their lists of the top five television pilots of all time, and yet they spend a bunch of time talking about our restroom etiquette show and Jennifer Garner’s wigs.

Will their picks for the best TV series pilot match up? Or will Kent only choose random hipster shows that no one has ever heard of? Press play and give us the green light to entertain you!

29 thoughts on “Baconsale Episode 73: The Pilot Program

  1. So, I haven’t seen many of your top pilots, especially not Kent’s. So, I’m a little Lost with the picture for this episode. I’m guessing you’re characters from different pilots, but I have no clue which ones.


      1. I was going to guess Justified, but Ned and Dexter, well they just seem to dress like regular guys, so it was tough to guess. You should have gone with Joel all tattoo’d up as Link from Prison Break, and if you’re gonna do Dexter, Kent should have blood spatter across his face.

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  2. Pushing Daisies does sound interesting…. I think you could do a whole show on series that were cancelled too soon, but you should still watch what they do have. Here is my list: Firefly, Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, Dollhouse (they rushed the last season to come to a conclusion).


      1. It’s strange but I didn’t really invest in Dollhouse until the season 1 finale. Then it had me…and dropped me again until the season 2 finale.

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      1. Okay, I guess I lied. I ended up watching the pilot of Twin Peaks at work (over lunch-ish). That is some weird crap. I have no idea what I just watched. I picked up on the flickering lights and Jim in the morgue. And you gotta love the Log Lady. But the FBI agent is weird. And what is up with the two jocks barking like dogs in the jail cell? Also, they could have shortened the opening credits and made it a 60 minute episode. But I get what you’re saying Joel about it being like Napoleon Dynamite. It is so random.

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      2. I kept watching the Twin Peaks, and it doesn’t get any better. It is psycho. I’m in Season 2 now, and I don’t see a drop off in quality – or increase for that matter – with the new director. This series is like an art video students attempt to make a meaningful show with lots of symbolism but in the end just turns out some weird crap. I just watched the Dual Spires episode of Psych and thought it was great. I watched it previously, but never got all the references to Twin Peaks.

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      3. Yes! I’m impressed that you watched the whole first season that quickly.
        If nothing else, getting the references in Dual Spires makes watching it all worth it. Fantastic episode!


      1. Which four do you consider really good? The first 4? Or is there a season or two in the middle where you think they lost their way? It’s been a long time since I watched, and for me, the series finale left a bad taste in my mouth, so I haven’t gone back to re-watch.


  3. Community’s pilot had some weird takes on a couple of the characters that didn’t continue, mainly Britta’s character. Awesome show though, I’ve rewatched it a couple of times.. except for the last season, mostly because Yahoo’s app is awful.


      1. Just checked yesterday and all 6 seasons are on Hulu! I’m sad Troy left the show… I really hope they get their movie and its one big ridiculous reunion of Troy and Abed trying to save the group in some crazy paintball/pillow fort/lava mashup.

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